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Artist Management

Why Not Music

Why Not Music is an independent record label from Barcelona. In our label the artist's experience is comforting and close due to the benefits that can be obtained in the development of his artistic career since he will feel part of a family.

The philosophy of Why Not Music is that artist has the vision, so they actively participate in decision-making in the strategy and development of marketing and content. What we offer in our label is a team formed and with experience in music business, a 360 service and flexibility in the development of your career.

Currently in our roster we have two latin & urban artists, Almacor and Richy West, and Jabe’s Feelings, a pop singer ca

  • Artist Management
  • Creative Coaching
  • Music Production & Songwritting
  • Booking
  • A&R
  • Distribution
  • Publishing
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Legal & Finances
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