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Strategic Entertainment Consultancy

We provide a full-consulting service for brands, artists, promoters  and properties in the entertainment industry.

  • Global Development Strategies
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Fan Experience
  • Smart Solutions
  • Innovation
  • Partnerships
  • Live Originals
  • Podcasting
  • AudioBranding

Music Supervision & Music Curation

Music means everything to us. We help advertisment agencies, film  productions and companies to find their own sound for their  projects.

  • Creative Search
  • Licensing & Sync
  • Originals
  • Sound Design
  • Music Curation
  • Strategy & Programming

Live Shows

To live is the only way to never forget. That’s what we do. We help our  clients to externalize and organize their projects.

  • Sportainment: Ceremonies & Half-Time Shows
  • Music Festivals
  • Digital Events
  • Artistic & Production Direction
  • Museums & Exhibitions

Artist Management

Latin, urban and electronic music is our DNA. We help our artists to  grow and success on the main national and international music  stages. We are more than a management office. We are a music  family.

  • Artist Management
  • Touring
  • Booking
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Private Events

Let’s work together

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or any business opportunity.